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Season Monthly Flavor Kits

Each month's flavor kit includes a minimum of six handcrafted items plus recipes and inspiration. From sauces and herbs to mixes and marinades, Season's kits guarantee to thrill your taste buds and lend a helping hand in the kitchen.

What's Inside?


January's Kit

Korean BBQ Sauce - versatile & umami

Soup Broth Base - deep flavor and great for winter

Ginger Honey - for sweet and savory applications

Spicy Korean Spice Blend - great with protein, veggies or marinades

Matcha Almond Cookie Mix - simple and delicious 

Ramen - fresh ramen to pair with the above components

Our flavor kits are available individually and by subscription for those of you who enjoy receiving a little something special every month.

How to Order

Our flavor kits are a great addition to anyone's kitchen anytime.  Giftable and shippable...we're ready to inspire connection around the kitchen and table. Will you join us? 

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