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Custom catering, floral, and tablescapes for intimate or grand events bring us such joy. Our focus is on simple design and beautiful presentation. The spotlight is the flavor of the food, stunning floral colors, textures of the table, and the aroma of it all. 

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“I lack the creativity to create something different.  These kits have been just the inspiration I’ve needed."

— E.O.


Catering for small intimate or large events.  Our focus is on simple design and beautiful presentation with the spotlight being the flavor. Our goal is for your event or small gathering to be memorable and we believe that lovely aromas and flavors alongside those you love make the best memories of them all. 


Floral design and tablescapes can add a unique and beautiful touch to any table. The colors, textures and dimensions all lend themselves to a vision that completes an experience.  Whether it be a full event or simple arrangement, we'd love to create a special design just for you. 


Our backgrounds in food, beverage and hospitality equip us with skills, knowledge and passion to create in many areas. From bartending to pastry arts and custom cake design, we'd love to fulfill your special event needs in an area where you are looking for a uniquely skilled professional.  We'd love to help. 

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